Going Nowhere Fast at 100KM,
41.25H x 30.5W

Pink Houses,30H x30W

Three Blind Mice 12x12

Eagles Stand
48H x 48W

New York State of Mind
21H x 18W
SOLD  San Francisco Client

Oh Country Road, Take Me Home,
36H x 36W

SOLD  Honourable Paul Martin

 The Road Ends Here
12H x 12W

eeny, meeny, miney, moe
12H x 12W

Bird on Clothesline
24H x 24W

Higgs Hollow, 15.5H x 47.5W

Empty Family Trailer
17H x 17W

Faulty Towers
17H x 17W
mixed media

 Passed Over Ceylon
48H x 24W

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